20 Surprising ways Weight Loss can Improve Your Sex Life


20 Ways Losing Weight can Bring a Boost to the Bedroom

Weight loss doesn’t just make you look better, feel better, and improve your overall health, it can also create some surprising benefits in the bedroom. Here are 20 ways weight loss can improve your sex life.

1. Increased Flexibility

Yep, losing weight can make you more flexible. You can use your imagination as to what this means. Just think of  the new positions you can try. This increase in flexibility happens for multiple reasons. According to a 2003 Brazilian study, weight loss improves neurovascular and muscle metaboroflex in the obese, bringing improved blood flow. The muscles become healthier and more flexible merely by losing weight. Also, with fewer rolls in the way, you can bend much further. To take this to the next level, try yoga!

2. Larger Penis Size

The fat that accumulates around the base of the shaft of the penis can be hiding inches of length from being visible. In some cases, that pubic fat pad can practically bury your entire burrito. So, lose some weight, and put that extra length to good use.

3. Increased Strength

With less weight to hold, you can hold yourself  – or your partner – up longer! While merely being lighter will help in this area, you can take it to the next level by following a fitness program.

4. Increased Stamina

Yep, you won’t get winded as fast and can keep going, and going and going…

5. Increased Testosterone

This benefit has multiple parts. In overweight individuals, shedding the excess pounds may increase testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 2012 meeting. Also, because of your new lowered body mass, your body will need less testosterone to function This means you will have more testosterone available for your body to use. All this new testosterone will increase your drive and bring back that zing!

6. Increased Confidence

One of the big secrets to being great in bed is confidence! You will look better, feel better, and that will make you pro at the horizontal cha cha. So turn the lights on, baby, because you will want to be seen!

7. Lowered Blood Pressure can Increase Erection Firmness

High blood pressure is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Weight loss is a big step in getting that blood pressure under control and adding some extra stiff to your stiffy.

8. If You are Lighter, You can be Moved More Easily

If you are the smaller partner, this means you can be picked up and moved around, leading to some of those amazing standing scenes we’ve all seen in the movies. Even if you are the larger partner, you can move your own self around much easier and your partner can support more of your weight, leading to new ways to get busy.

9. Deeper Penetration without so Much Fat in the Way

It is more difficult to get close to your partner with a large belly or behind in the way. Some positions will only allow for a small amount of penetration, but without as much flab between you, you can slide it allll the way in. Yah, baby.

10. Better Cardio Endurance Means a Faster Recovery

Improved cardio endurance does not only mean you can go for longer, it can actually shorten your refractory period, meaning you will be raring to go again in no time.

11. Getting to Actually have Sex

Of course there are many people out there that will find an overweight or obese partner attractive, there are some that will not. By losing weight, you open the door to more options and you will have more partners to choose from. Plus, your increased confidence will make you even more attractive to the opposite sex – and hopefully give you the push you need to make some love connections!

12. Shower Sex!

Not only will you now have more room to move about the shower, you will have better balance and agility to take getting wet to a whole new level.

13. Car Sex

Speaking of fitting into smaller places, just like in the shower, it is much easier to navigate a smaller frame about in a car.

14. Less Sweat

While some sweat is inevitable, and even desirable while doing the dance without pants, face it, too much can be a bit off-putting and make things a bit too slippery. It isn’t always pleasant to have a salty drop of sweat drip plop into your eye while your partner is shaking it above you. Thinner people sweat less.

15. You can Watch the Action

With there being less of you to block your view of the action, you can get a much better look. Watching can be very hot!

16. More Choices in Lingerie

While the lingerie business has gratefully become much more friendly to larger sizes, there is still a much wider selection available in average sizes.

17. You Won’t Crush Your Partner

While this can be fun on occasion, having the air smooshed out of you every time your partner tries to get on top can get old.

18. Working Out can Increase the Intensity and Frequency of Your Orgasm

This is due to a variety of reasons, such as increased blood flow, stronger muscles, and increased testosterone levels, so get out there and pump some iron and get even happier happy endings.

19. Increased Fertility

This is great if you are trying to get pregnant. Being a healthy weight is linked to better sperm quality and quantity in men. Also, women are most fertile in their ideal weight range. So, if you are trying to make a mini-you, drop some pounds to maximize your chances.

20. Increased Libido

Losing weight will cause your libido to increase for so many reasons. Gone will be many of the reasons that you may find yourself not in the mood. One of the number one reasons given for not wanting to get busy is tiredness. Being fit will give you more energy and make you want it more, and want it more often. And, your new fit body will be in a much better position to comply. You won’t be as worried about issues such as stamina, body confidence and energy that often get in the way of you having a good time.

So, get busy to drop the pounds so you can get busy in the sack!

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