The Truth is Out – Exercise Does Make You Younger!


Yet Another Reason to Workout

Scientists have recently discovered that the hormone, irisin, is capable of reprogramming your fat cells to burn fat instead of storing it. This hormone exists naturally in the human body. Exercise causes your muscles to secrete this hormone and will increase your metabolic rate for hours after you stop exercising. Exciting news!

So, exercise has an even greater benefit than merely burning the calories it takes to perform the movements. There is now evidence that it changes your hormonal balance in favor of fat burning after the exercise has stopped. In addition, irisin was shown to improve glucose tolerance – which can slow the development of type 2 diabetes – in mice.

Not only does the hormone irisin help you shrink your waistline, high levels of Irisin has also been linked a reduction in age related physical and mental decline. Essentially, exercise can reduce the effects of aging. This means that active adults are biologically younger than their sedentary counterparts.

So, while there still is no fountain of youth, exercise is the best way we know of to slow down the aging process. So, this is yet another reason get started on a good workout program and reap the benefits of a thinner, younger, you!!




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